What's the RIRAB?

The Italian Network for Organic Food and Farming Research

The Italian Network for Organic Food and Farming Research (RIRAB) is a scientific association society
whose main goal is to promote research and innovation in the Italian organic food and farming sector, which
in our Country is gaining ever greater importance from environmental, social and economic point of view.
The network is mainly made uplinks of researchers and experts from different Italian Universities and major
National Research Bodies (i.e. CNR, CREA, ENEA), operating in the organic agri-food sector and which
identify, in their multidisciplinarity and the sharing of experiences and results, fundamental methodological
approaches for increasing knowledge in the organic food and farming research sector.
RIRAB actively participates in the different developing stages of the European Platform “TP Organics” and it
is present in the Stakeholder Forum. Consistent with TP Organics, the RIRAB Steering CommitteeBoard
promoted the construction of the Italian Platform for developing, with all stakeholders, a common vision on
the research needs and technological innovations devoted to organic food and farming, in the medium and
long term in Italy.
RIRAB is open to anyone interested in sharing the stated goals and taking an active part in the society
activities, contribution to the impelementation of work programs, developed in accordance to that has the
following priorities:

  • contribute to the research strategies matured within the scientific community on organic food and farming,
    by implementing the interaction with other relevant actors of the Italian organic agri-food sector, such as
    the organic associations;
  • strengthen or establish permanent relationsheeps with other Ssocieties and Nnetworks, representing the
    international and national scientific communities involved in the organic sector (e.g., PT Organics, PT Bio,
  • promote actions to take curricular and training courses for young researchers and establish new scientific
    units/departments with explicit mission on research and innovation development in organic farming in the
    Italian Uuniversities and Ppublic research bodiescouncils;
  • make the RIRAB's role more recognizable as representative of the national scientific community for
    organic farming in the national and local institutions.